Two Nerds on a Saturday

A friend of mine  (Grace) and I had talked about going on a walking tour around Oak Park today.  It is a village with a vast selection of points of interest like Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio and his Unity Temple, Ernest Hemingway homes and museum, Edgar Rice Borroughs home to name a few. Earlier in the week, the weather forecast was looking bleak for today with scattered thunderstorms and possible downpour of hail OR it could be just sunny with a high of 87F.  I am not a big fan of heat, let alone to be walking around in it.  I would like to think that the the plans for Oak Park had been thwarted because of unavoidable weather related concerns (and laziness). So where do nerds go on a nice Saturday afternoon? My buddy and I ended up hanging out at the local library where we enjoyed the constant chilled air that is blasting from the vents directly overhead.  By the time we were done doing our nerdy tasks, my stomach started feeling a wee eleven o’clockish.

We left at around half past noon for lunch and boy oh boy did I enjoy what I had.  we went to the local CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) at the commons and I ordered me some nice and juicy ribeye that came with some rocket salad and some finger taters. I don’t care what one would say about what I am going to say but..  the fat on a ribeye steak tastes like heaven to me!! I closed my eyes on every bite of that meat as I savored the taste of good ol’ fat!! While we still on the subject of food starting next weekend, Grace and I would start exploring places that had been featured in Guy Fieri’s Triple D’s. I am excited about that so I can’t wait!



Breakfast Edition

It is strange on how your internal organs dictate what you should be doing in the most inopportune moment. The occasional need to get up and tinkle in the middle of a calm and awesome dream of you umm… tinkling. This morning I was woken up by a loud growl that im sure everybody is very familiar of. That unexplained feeling that consumes you from the inside out. Yes folks, my unforgiving stomach is growling loud enough for me to hear it physically. As much as I was still enjoying my slumber I had to get up and answer the call of need. The need to devour morning offerings of carbs and protein and of course not to forget caffeine. I remembered watching one of those food channels the other night, the show where this guy traveled in exotic places and feature what to eat in them places.  Needless to say, I braved the fall air with my bed hair and the clothes I quickly threw on and went to my favorite breakfast place.

Whats on the menu? Fluffy golden biscuits smothered with good old southern gravy, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. To be honest I was reluctant on ordering it because the first and last time I had it didn’t sit well in my stomach. I had it at a county fair in North Carolina and its one of those places that had been there for years so I know its just me.  I am glad that I took a chance this time because it satisfied the craving and the taste was far from what I remembered. The sight of biscuits swimming in a sea of sausage gravy is nothing compared to when you scoop it with a fork and and try as best as you can to down it without gravy dripping on your shirt.  My face was like of Andrew Zimmerns when he finally tastes that delicacy of pig brains or sea urchin or of whatever he is being offered by whoever is hosting the feast.  Well I know there’s no comparison between “biscuits and sausage gravy” and “pigbrains” or “sea urchin” but you know the gist.Other than the usual bacon eggs and hash browns with a side of buttermilk pancakes is our favorite nutella crepe.  Not only thimageat this gives my sweet tooth the satisfaction of just having it but the fresh berries are always on point. Its a good way to seal the deal of any meal. My apologies for sounding so cheesy but im giving myself a pat on the back for coming up with that one on the fly.