About This Blog

This blog is a journey into the inner workings of our minds and our attempt to express it through our little soapbox on the inter webs.  We have met online four years ago and although we have not yet met in person we had hit it off and became close friends.  We are both food enthusiasts, have a love for photography and we both enjoy a good drink every once and a while.  Follow us through the rabbit hole and witness how two individuals wrestle with life’s curveballs and able to walk away triumphant.  Life is a work in progress and so is this blog.  Eat, drink and be merry! Cheers!



I am a five year old lesbian trapped in a body of an aging one. I am still on a quest to find my purpose in life. Meeting new people along the way of my journey, trying to make an impact on anybody who would take the time to know me and still growing as a person with everybody that I meet along the way. I love food and also a happy drunk (if i get the chance to drink that is). This is the insides of my thoughts and emotions, thanks for stopping by!




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